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World-Class Surfing

The stretch of coast from Puerto Vallarta to just north of Mazatlan is one of Mainland Mexico's most populated and accessible tourist destinations. Its proximity to the States, dependably decent summertime surf and laid-back lifestyle ensure its ongoing popularity with surfers of all shapes, sizes and skill levels. It's easy to get here, easy to find a place to stay and most of the region's waves are easy to surf. Sure, it's not Indo death barrels, but after an all-day session at one of the region's left pointbreaks, watching the sunset from a beach-side bar with a cold beer in your hand, life can seem like a damn fine thing..

Standup Paddle-Surfer’s Paradise


Another excellent way to learn SUP is to head to the neighboring surf town of Sayulita and stop by to see Geovani Cervantes (pictured, above) at his Sayulita Surf Co. shop. Cervantes, a member of the Mexican National surf team, rents boards, gives lessons, and knows all the best breaks up and down the coast. He’ll have you riding the warm Pacific waves your first day, and – if you’re anything like us – hooked on SUP for life. To reach Geovani, e-mail him

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